I am a senior consultant/executive specialising in creating enhanced shareholder value and improved business performance in firms ranging from multinational companies to start-ups. I have both deep industry and management consulting experience in financial services and a number of consumer-facing sectors and am a true business and technology hybrid. I have well-honed leadership, team and interpersonal skills with proven impact at senior and board level. I have driven step-change improvement by orchestrating holistic change on both the efficiency and growth dimensions using a combination of strategic and implementation skills. Spanning both the technology and business domains, my approach is to drive business advantage from strategy led change, using existing and emerging technologies and addressing underlying business systems and architectures.


 After a successful academic career at Oxford and Bristol Universities, I gained excellent exposure to financial services and a range of other industries including, retailing, airlines and IT, based on over 25 years experience in the UK, Europe, America, Australia and Asia. I have built a number of professional services businesses and practiced as a management consultant, with a focus on strategic value creation, business change, IT strategy and the business impact of technology. I have provided strategic recommendations to a number of clients related to how to leverage the opportunities created by the digital age. I have delivered a number of significant business solutions including a travel portal, Internet sites, and broadband applications.


 I have a broad range of entrepreneurial, intellectual, analytical, commercial and strategic skills, and as an experienced project manager have often implemented my own innovative ideas. I have excellent interpersonal and presentation skills with impact at CEO and senior levels. Although a natural leader, I am also a flexible team player with wide experience of developing staff and building effective teams as well as nurturing appropriate supplier, cross industry and network relationships. I am an expert PC user and have excellent knowledge of the IT industry. I am an associate of the Institute of Bankers, and passed in the top 50 in my year. I taught a range of banking, capital markets and related subjects to members of the Institute of Bankers, the Association of Corporate Treasurers and MBA students. I have managed the financial dimensions of a range of businesses and project teams of over 130 people.


 I have delivered keynote addresses to a number of international financial services conferences, covering topics such as:


 • Improving the Profitability of Broker Originated Loans


• Product design in a segmented world


• “Just In Time” IT, the new paradigm


• New sources of value in the home loan market


• Credit card innovation in the light of RBA changes


• Winning the payments wars


I am media trained and receive regular press coverage in AFR, Boss Magazine, The Australian, ABC TV, Sky TV and elsewhere. Most recently this included appearances on ABC TV Evening News, Lateline, 7:30, The Business and SBS Insight.


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